A downloadable plugin for Windows and Linux

EvolvingBehavior 0.2.0 is here! Evolve multiple populations of NPCs at once, faster, and more flexibly. Learn more at the EvolvingBehavior Site

EvolvingBehavior is a plugin for Unreal® Engine that uses AI to help you improve your characters' behavior.

The plugin works on top of the built-in Behavior Tree system in Unreal® Engine.

Whether you're prototyping or tweaking, EvolvingBehavior helps you meet your vision.

  • Works with your current Behavior Tree, even if incomplete!
  • You decide the goals, and test in your own levels.
  • Try many variations of the tree, and pick your favorites.
  • Control how fast the trees will change.
  • Use and tweak the results just like any other behavior tree!

IMPORTANT NOTE: EvolvingBehavior is currently in open beta - it may be incomplete, unstable, and not able to meet all needs. Use at your own risk.

EvolvingBehavior is free, source-available software.

Use the plugin for any ethical purpose for free! You can modify the code!

Source Code

Learn how EvolvingBehavior can work with you.

Evolution? AI? It may feel like a lot to learn. Don't worry - we have a detailed manual to help you get started.

You can also download our example project to see EvolvingBehavior in action.

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EvolvingBehavior - UE4.27 - Windows 80 MB
Version 0.2.0 Aug 10, 2022
EvolvingBehavior - UE4.27 - Linux 16 MB
Version 0.2.0 Aug 10, 2022
EvolvingBehavior v0.2.0 - UE4.27 - Source Code
Zombies Example v0.2.0- UE4.27 - Source Code
EvolvingBehavior v0.1.0 (Old) - UE4.25 - Source Code
Zombies Example v0.1.0 (Old) - UE4.25 - Source Code

Install instructions

Unzip or copy the EvolvingBehavior folder to the "Plugins" directory inside your Unreal Engine 4 engine folder.

Or, to install just for one specific project, copy into the "Plugins" directory in that project.

You may need to recompile your project and/or restart Unreal Engine 4, and then enable the plugin in the Edit->Plugins menu.

For more information, see: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Programming/Plugins/index.html

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