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Dreamlike, the landscape stretches forever in every direction.

But stray too far, look back, and it's not how you remember. You can never return to what came before.

Ground Collapse is a library, a tool, and a demo for creating infinite generative, tiled, 2D terrain (or levels). It's open-source, with code available at https://gitlab.com/NPC-Dev/groundcollapse

It uses constraint solving (clingo and Answer Set Programming), inspired by Wave Function Collapse, to ensure that every generated tile will seamlessly fit in with its surroundings.

In a built-in, highly-configurable demo, you can explore a dreamlike landscape where, if you stray too far from a place, you will return to find it completely changed.

The underlying library, written in Python, provides a highly flexible framework for building generative terrain, with extensible constraints allowing for many possible styles and rules.

GroundCollapse is used to generate the world for Dreams of Collapse, a roguelike in which you, the player, can re-imagine parts of a dreamlike landscape.

Integrate it with any game engine or art tool that can interface with a Python library (or run it as an external program), and you could visualize or save the resulting tiles in any number of ways.

The possibilities are endless with GroundCollapse.

Learn more at: https://npc.codes/projects/groundcollapse

Note: GroundCollapse should work on Mac, but for now, I have no way to package it for Mac, so you will need to download the code and follow the instructions to run it using Python.


Linux Executable 288 MB
Version 2 Nov 10, 2019
Windows 64-bit Executable 208 MB

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